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Chris Greer

Westport Connecticut - Sports and Events Photographer, Husband & Dad

It started with my brother, Jeff, and I mixing photographic developers in Mom's spare bathroom and using duct tape to seal out the light around the door; it ended with us conspiring to hide the damage (sorry Mom) as best we could and a handful of black and white photos of the dog, of our friends, of our neighborhood and then asking Mom or Dad for more film.

I love photography as much today as when I was 10 and its still just as much fun.   More than discovering that one shot, that one special moment that's been captured; I especially love the reaction of others to my work.   That moment of connection when someone else enjoys the view, gets my point or finds something new in a photo that perhaps I missed.

My particular passion is sports photography (if it moves, I'll shoot it) but I've worked on concerts, parties, events, gallery prints, magazine layouts, website graphics and much more.

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I gotta be honest.  Photography is fun for me so I charge very reasonable fees and I am quite flexible to schedule.   

There is so much more that goes into hiring a photographer than just the price.   You have to like my work, like my style and appreciate my approach to photography.   If you don't, then it just won't work.

I've got to like the subject matter and more importantly, I have to like working with you.  If I don't, then it just won't work.

First check out some of my work, HERE, and then let's talk.    My passions are:

- Horses

- Sports

- Music or Entertainment Events

But always willing to try something new, send me a message and let's discuss your project.   I'm sure I can find a few folks that would be happy to discuss the work I have done for them so references can always be provided.   Make sure you ask for references and check them whenever you are hiring a photographer.  

Shout Out!

A giant THANK YOU to Kris, Kassidy and Kevin who understand my passion for photography and allow me the time to pursue it.  You guys are my inspiration, my true passion, and always my favorite (albeit reluctant) subjects.  You guys rock!!

"Like Father, Like Son"

Photo credit: April Book,  April Book Photography,

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